Our Program


A Higher Power we call God (Christ)  Bible studies and AA.

Church Attendance is mandatory

Drug and Alcohol

Psychopharmacology-the effects and consequences of mood altering chemicals on the body and mind.  The concept of addiction.

Relapse Prevention-

Learning how to live without psychoactive chemicals in recovery.

Learn trigger identification and relapse warning signs to promote healthy sobriety.

Behavior change

Denial Management-

Learn to change the way one thinks (in addiction) to healthy thinking (to recovery) to promote long-term sobriety.

Twelve Step and AA meetings-

Resident will participate in Twelve Step and AA meetings in-house and outside meetings.

Daily House Meetings-

Residents meet to hold accountability (confess rules they have broken) and share anything in the house that needs addressed.  This teaches honesty and promotes sharing.

Outside Activity-

Residents go outside and do group activities together including, recreational activities.  To teach appropriate interaction with others.

Recovery Work-

Step work of AA, Timelines, Life History, King Baby, Big Book studies from Alcoholics Anonymous text.

Family Education-

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family.  Co-dependency, enabling and denial are discussed in quarterly meetings on site.  Families are required to attend Al-Anon meeting in order to have pass privileges with resident.

Occupational Rehabilitation-

All residents, when stable, are required to obtain employment.

Financial Management-

Residents work with a financial adviser to learn the value of saving and earning.


 The resident lives in a Christ-centered, supportive community setting, which is alcohol and drug free. The 24/7 House, Inc. is a minimum 12-month program. Residents are asked to stay until successful completion. Residents are required to follow ALL scheduled activities. Residents acceptance of responsibility for day-to-day-living with other residents and participating in activities is a vital part of our program.

Residents must be 18-years-of-age or older.

The resident is required to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally capable of functioning in a residential setting an does not present a danger to himself to himself/herself or others.

After stabilization, as determined by staff, the resident is required to maintain employment in order to meet the financial obligations necessary to remain in the program. The 24/7 House, Inc. will provide assistance in seeking employment.

All residents must be physically and mentally capable to maintain employment at all times.

The initial admission fee and weekly program fees are non-refundable if a resident leaves or is discharge prior to completion.
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