About Us


The 24/7 House, Inc. is a minimum 18-month program for alcohol and drug addiction. Our program is based on the foundation of Jesus Christ and we incorporate the 12-Steps of recovery into the lives of the residents on a daily basis..

Through the word of God and fellowship with other recovering addicts, residents can begin the road to sobriety. Then with continued working in the program they can learn to maintain their sobriety and return to their families as new sober and responsible adults.

24/7 House, Inc. began offering services to men and women suffering from the disease of addiction in 2009. The mission was simple: create a recovery atmosphere which was safe, Biblically sound, firm in the 12-Steps, and become a gateway to re-enter society.

Pete Wright knew first-hand about second chances and wanted to provide a service that would give those seeking recovery a means to begin the healing process.



We are located in Baxley, GA. Our facility is warm and inviting and the home atmosphere can aid in the healing process.


                                                                                                                               Men’s Facility



                                                                                                                                  Womens Facility