24/7 House Staff


Michael Smith – Executive Director



Mike has been serving at 24/7 House since November 2013. Mike is in recovery and entered a faith/evidence based long-term recovery residence program in July 2008 and completed in 2010. He had a desire to help those who suffer from the disease of addiction and worked as an intern counselor two years before becoming a GACA certified addictions counselor. Since Mike has traveled the road of addiction he understands the pain of bondage. His passion is to help men and women, with addiction, to escape the chains of slavery and, to teach them how to live without drugs or alcohol. Mike believes no man or woman comes through the doors of 24/7 House by mistake. He believes in God’s miracles because he is one.



 Jimmy Kerr

Program Director

Jimmy was deep in addiction, hopeless, and near death before entering the 24/7 House program of recovery in March of 2016.After 14 months, he completed the program here at th 24/7 House. Jimmy had plans to return to Atlanta, where he was from and begin a different life. God had other plans for Jimmy. He remained here at the 24/7 House in order to give back to others what was freely given to him. He was working in the office here 2 days a week and also maintaining a part time job in Baxley. Jimmy was dedicated in helping others in addiction find recovery, and then the door opened for him to begin a full time staff position here at the 24/7 House. Today Jimmy strives to do God’s will and work. He is a blessing to the 24/7 House and its residents. Today,Jimmy has found his purpose.



Marie Wildes

Substance Abuse Counselor



 Marie Wildes began her work in the field of Substance Abuse in 1985. She worked as a family counselor at Charter By the Sea and held this position for 10 years. During this time she had extensive training in Co-Dependency, sexual trauma and family counseling. She focused on the problems of the “wounded Inner Child”, growing up in homes made dysfunctional by such problems as alcohol and drugs, sexual abuse, divorce, death, physical and emotional abuse. Her focus in the past many years has been on women and their issues. She gained her certification as a Certified Addiction Counselor II, in 1991. This certification is through Georgia Addiction Counselors Association. She is also certified through the National Association of Addiction Counselors. She now works with 24/7 House, Inc, in Baxley Georgia as a consultant as well as provides education for residents on “The Family Dynamics.” She also provides services for families, women and children at First Baptist Church in Alma, Georgia.  She has dedicated her life to doing God’s work with wounded families and those who suffer from the deadly disease of Addiction. At 24/7 House, Inc. it is the belief that ” there is always Hope and Help for those who seek it”.  .



Jessica Kabbes

Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Jessica had always wanted to help others she felt it to be a calling, but the disease of addiction got in the way. She entered the 24/7 house just like many broken and hopeless. She thought she had no purpose in life. Throughout the program she became closer to God and while walking in His will for her she found her purpose, to help others like herself. Upon her completion God opened a door for her. she has committed herself to 24/7 House, this time as apart of staff. She believes nothing happens in God’s world by mistake and that she can show others it can be done if you are willing and ready to change.





Rebecca Coffman

Counselor in Training

Rebecca always had a dream to do something meaningful with her life but her addiction kept her in chains and bondage for almost 20 years. It took her away from her daughter and everyone she loved. She was lost, broken and hopeless. However, God had a plan for her life, and it was to give her a future and a hope! (Jeremiah 29:11) When she finally hit  rock bottom, she heard God tell her to “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) She entered into the 24/7 House Program in September of 2021 and began working in the office in August 2022 as an Intern Counselor. She acquired her GED and is now in the process of becoming a Certified Addiction Counselor. Walking in God’s Will has blessed her in so many ways and she now encourages others to never, ever lose hope because “With God, all things are possible”!! (Matthew 19:26) Today, she lives like she is Chosen.




Pete Wright



Pete entered a long term recovery residence program in October of 1989. Having a passion to help suffering addicts and alcoholics he served on the Board of Directors for the program where he found recovery for 20 years. God gave Pete the vision for the 24/7 House, Inc. in 2008. Today he shares his experience, strength, and hope with the residents of the 24/7 House, Inc. His greatest joy today is watching God restore life with hope to residents who are seeking freedom.