My life in addiction was like a night-mare that I never woke up from. Every day I woke up for one thing, to get high and drink. That was the only reason I kept a job for as long as I did. It paid for most of my drugs and booze. I can’t remember a time when I did not ponder on how to catch a buzz, no matter how low I had to go to get it. I would cheat, steal and swindle when I needed to. My conscious would hurt me so bad some days I would break down, and turn around and do it again. Then one day I hit rock bottom I lost my job due to using and stealing. Then my mom caught me stealing and finally got sick and tired of it and turned me into my probation office. I always prayed when things got bad, the whole way to my probation office I prayed like a fool. I think God finally knew I was sincere. Since I have been here I have learned a lot. My relationship with God is strong again. My self-confidence is back. I have finally found gratitude in my life. I finally woke up from that nightmare I called life. Now I think, what is the day going to be like, not who I will call for some dope. I am finally happy. I smile, laugh, and pray just to pray. I can finally enjoy life.                       -Robert

I struggled from addiction for many years trying to fill a hole inside of me. I thought that’s what life was about. My disease progressed over many years until I was an empty shell and my life meant nothing to me, I didn’t want to live. I had lost everything my job, my home, my license and my family. I found myself in a bathroom wanting to take my life. But I asked God for a way out, to show me a different way of life. I had turned my back on him many years ago, but when I called out to him he was right there to pick me up out of the mud. He paved the way for me to get to the 24/7 house in May of 2013 where Pete Wright welcomed me with open arms and told me I wasn’t a piece of crap and that I was a child of God, which was exactly what I needed to hear at that time so my recovery began it was a gift from God I give him all the credit and glory for placing me where I needed to be. I began to work on myself I got a job built a personal relationship with my heavenly father and I rebuilt my relationship with spouse and my 2 kids with God’s help I did what I was asked to do by my counselors and I completed the program. Today I have a home, a truck and a good job. I’m also going to school to be a substance abuse counselor through God’s grace he has paved the way for a new productive future for me and my family. My family is together today and complete because God showed me grace and mercy he answered all my prayers to rebuild my family and he continues to help me today stay in his will. Without him I am lost I am nothing. Without God’s help along with the 24/7 house I would be dead or in prison. I am forever grateful for the grace God showed me and the compassion the 24/7 house has for helping people like me that struggles with addiction and has no were else to turn Corinthians 13 tells us what is left is faith, hope, and love and today I have all three. Faith that God can get me through any obstacle, Hope in my heart that my life means something and that God has a plan for me. And love from family and friends that I have never had before. 24/7 house was God sent to me gift wrapped by God himself. It wasn’t easy but nothing in life worth anything is easy. It takes work but god does his part to place me where I need to be. I just have to hold up my end and trust that nothing in God’s world happens by mistake. After all it’s not how many days I have left in my life. It is how much life I can get out of everyday God blesses me with while on earth.-Shane M.


I use to wonder  what it would be like to be truly happy. The devil had me trapped in a drug and alcohol addiction for  8 years and I thought I was happy. Until one night, while I was a resident at 24/7 House, I finally surrendered it all to God. I put my life into His hands and I knew that I knew. I knew the reason why I never felt truly happy, because I didn’t know Jesus Christ. God and the 24/7 House has changed me into the man I’ve always wanted to be and I’m forever grateful. Thank you to all and God bless.-Timmy D.


I started getting high and partying at age 13. From the age of 18-29 I was in and out of rehab, going to jail and few times, and in and out of ICU. I tried to stop with spurts of abstinence but I could not, I always returned to the using. When I came to the 24/7 House I did not have a home, a job, I lost my children, physically, mentally, and spiritually I was bankrupt. I wanted to die. I didn’t know what to expect here. I found way more than I ever dreamed. Through people who love me unconditionally I found freedom, hope, purpose, and a love for myself and my fellow man, I found vision, peace and serenity, coping skills, I found a voice, and I found a relationship with Christ. I’ve been here 12 months and now looking back I know that none of my expectations could have measured up to what I’ve found. I am extremely grateful to God, the 24/7 House, and my recovery.     – Nicki


I was born on September 29th 1984. I had a pretty good childhood growing up, but early in my teenage years I started drinking and having fun because everyone else was doing it. I got married at about 19 years old and I started changing and doing well. I had two kids. I started drinking and taking pills real bad and that lead to a divorce after 10 years and that was awful it felt like a death in the family. After that things got worse and I started getting in trouble because I was trying to support my habit. I was confused and lonely and could not manage my own life. I could not be a father. Finally I had to surrender and ask for help so I came to 24/7 and 24/7 is putting back a lot of hope in my life and I am learning about my addiction and I’m finding out why I had a problem, it’s because I didn’t know how to live without drinking and drugging. Now 24/7 is showing me how to live and it’s putting my family back in my life and teaching me responsibility. Also something I had given up on is God and today we have a relationship. Without Him and 24/7 this would be impossible.    –Jordan

I had lost all hope in life. Every day was a struggle just to live. I lived to use and used to live. I had hurt everyone in my life that loved. Most of all I was hurting myself. I felt very scared and alone. When I got to 24/7 House I couldn’t hold my head up. Now I can hold my head up and look you in the eye and tell you I have hope and faith that I am a child of God. 24/7 House has taught me that I have a disease and how to live with it sober. My fear is gone and I am never alone. And I don’t ever have to live like that again. The change that has taken place in me is night and day already. Can’t explain on this paper my gratitude for 24/7 House and all they do and are doing for me. Saved my life.  – Robin Renae